About Alarcon Pro Painting

Alarcon Pro Painting is a professional repaint company specializing in residential repaints in the Louisville Area. Alarcon Pro Painting was founded by the father-son duo Raúl Alarcón and Bryan Alarcón.

Coming from different generations, it was easy for both to use their generational advantages & build a painting company that provides high-quality work with a high-quality experience.

Not your ‘craigslist contractor’

One of the benefits of being a family-owned and operated business is that we value integrity above all else. Our purpose is to provide unmatched customer service in an industry with a reputation for unprofessionalism.

You don’t have to worry about the painters going on cigarette breaks, booze breaks, or using bad language. We are tired of the same “bad contractor” narrative, so we aim to make our clients fans of Alarcon Pro Painting.

Let’s paint

We will reply!

We know the struggle it can be to get your contractor to get back to you. Alarcon Pro Painting takes pride in excelling in customer service. We take the extra steps to stay in constant communication during your painting project.